The KUMA Protocol provides tokenized real-world assets in multiple forms, giving our users access to traditional assets in a DeFi-compatible way, providing an alternative and solid source of yield in varying market conditions.


USK is a standard token backed by Bond NFTs. Its price stays in line with USD stablecoins like USDC but its balance accrues with time, following the interest rate of the assets backing it, without any user intervention. Mimo Capital AG issues Asset-Backed NFTs, and the NFTs backing USK are backed by 1 year US Treasury Bills.

Debt tokens

The KUMA protocol can issue other forms of stablecoins backed by varying forms of debt such as corporate bonds.

The Parallel Protocol allows users to leverage their assets by giving them access to immediate liquidity without selling. Instead, it allows users to mint multiple price-stable currencies against collateral. All minted tokens are over-collateralized.


The PAR token is a price-stable token pegged to the Euro


The paUSD token is a price-stable token pegged to the US Dollar